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Toxin binder

Carbovet® : Innovative natural solution for better risk management
A natural toxin-binder for better risk management
Carbovet® protects all animals from digestive disorders and diarrhoea and reduces the negative impacts of enterotoxins & mycotoxins. Pancosma offers a wide range of natural solutions with Carbovet® P, T, XL for use in feed, liquid feed or to mix in the silage or in top feeding + Carbovet® Gel for oral injections. Carbovet® optimizes risk management and can be applied in all species with quick, concrete and practical benefits.

Unique solutions with wide & specific range of efficacy
Carbovet® is made of natural wood, processed with unique thermo-structuring technology. This technology and the specific nature of the oak tree confer to Carbovet® a sophisticated micropores structure. Due to its large surface of adsorption and its ability to develop bonds through physisorption (Van Der Waals forces) and chemisorption (chemical bonding), Carbovet® can efficiently trap enterotoxins and mycotoxins. Besides, Carbovet® is designed to trap toxins but not medicines or essential nutrients. Carbovet® is a unique and natural solution, to target key concerns of end-users, to optimize risk management on farms and to secure performance of animals.

French origin