UkrFeed is fully committed to being a reliable partner in delivering high quality products for animal husbandry, backed by strong technical support — turning the experience of our professional staff into intelligent solutions for our customers.

for local farms

  • optimizing of current animal nutrition with underline of “non fatty liver” concept
  •  feed investigation in the lab
  •  water cleaning & treatment
  •  hatchery service support
  • red mite control
  •  optimization of production cycle (insemination-farrow-lactation-weanining-feedlot)
  •  pig genetic solutions
  •  24-hours vet service
  •  scheme vaccination development based on IFA
  •  general consultations

for foreign companies

  •  feed additives registration
  •  presentation of your products in local conferences, seminars, etc.
  •  Translation / interpreter
  •  outsourcing of business organization / development

When you choose UkrFeed as your partner, we strain to safeguard your investment !