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Animal nutrition line

  • L-carnitine                
  • Toxin binders  Innovative natural solution for better risk management 
  • Amino acids (DL-methionine, L-lysine, L-valine, L-threonine, L-tryptophan)
  • Antioxidants (dry & liquid form)
  • Pigments (natural & synthetic form) We offer additives that allow consistent delivery of precisely-pigmented egg yolks, poultry skin and fish.
  • Acidifyers ( dry & liquid form incl. pure benzoic acid for pigs)
  • Sweetener, flavours
  • Premix 0,5% (for all kinds of animals)
  • Vitamin blends, mineral blends for poultry and pigs, respectively
  • Plant extracts (natural concept)
  • Prestarter for piglets
  • Probiotics (spore and nonspore form)
  • Drinking water applications (7 types for different needs)
  • Dry fat (for ruminants and monogastric animals)
  • Soya cake
  • Enzymes & phytase (Novozyme line, and not only)
  • Phosphorous-containing additives (MCP etc)
  • Vitamins (pure feed grade)
  • Choline chloride (dry & liquid form under trademark Taminizer) 
  • Ready pelleted feed
  • Petfood


Wide range of acidifiers for all species (might be tailor-made)

Choline chloride

A carrier-free dry white choline chloride with free flowing properties for the production of animal feed. Taminco’s new feed additive Taminizer® C contains no less than 96% choline chloride and a maximum of 0.5% water after spray drying – a technique commonly used in human food production.   Brochure_Taminizer C TDS Taminizer CL – CC75 28-11-2013


Powder application in feed and premixes

Sweetener / Flavours

The intimate and patented combination of high intensity sweetener with potentiators and enhancers The tool to improve feed intake flavour enchancers

Toxin binder

Carbovet® : Innovative natural solution for better risk management A natural toxin-binder for better risk management Carbovet® protects all animals from digestive disorders and diarrhoea and reduces the negative impacts of enterotoxins & mycotoxins. Pancosma offers a wide range of natural solutions with Carbovet® P, T, XL for use in feed, liquid feed or to …