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Wir akzeptieren Bestellungen für Legehennen Tetra

We are looking for a reliable supplier of vaccines for poultry and veterinary drugs.

Well known Swiss Carniking returns to the market of Ukraine

L-carnitine is an essential component in the energy metabolism of all species and can therefore offer a wide range of health benefits to all species Carniking recommended for use in all dry feed formulations, premixes and basemixes

Compound feed and premix production are launched

Ukrfeed is on the market of feed & premix production under trade brand “Raspberry” and “Pearl”, accordingly.  Our first delivery of feed was dedicated to Mullard ducklings and Brown layers we were selling. Our partner, Kozhuchivska poultry farm began to realize our feed through their own trade network. Compound feed plays a vital role in the process of ensuring food safety along the entire livestock and aquaculture production and supply chain. The production and …

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Legendary Sucram C 150 is back to the market of Ukraine!

Sucram’s improved form comes back to the market of Ukraine after the long period of re-registration. New Sucram C 150 has old Sucram’s 810 all advantages, with additional benefits of stable and intensive fruit and caramel smell and taste. Dosage: 130-150 per ton of prestarter and 75-115g per starter. Shelf life: 36 months!  There is …

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