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Choline chloride

A carrier-free dry white choline chloride with free flowing properties for the production of animal feed.

Taminco’s new feed additive Taminizer® C contains no less than 96% choline chloride and a maximum of 0.5% water after spray drying – a technique commonly used in human food production.  


C the High Activity

Taminizer C increases productivity andthroughput by 2 to 4%* thanks to its high concentration of choline which creates room for additional ingredients/fillers.


C the High Safety

Taminizer C reduces quality control costby 1 to 2%* thanks to its pure and synthetic nature which eliminates the need for intensive/expensive analysis to check for the presence of undesired substances, such as aflatoxins, fungi spores, pesticide residues, GMO cobs, fishy odors,… .


C the High Quality

Taminizer C increases production capacity by 2 to 6%* thanks to its micro-granular structure and particle size, free flowing quality, and lump-free consistency, leading to an improved storage stability.


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TDS Taminizer C – CC 96 51256 07-06-2011

TDS Taminizer CL – CC75 28-11-2013

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